AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Sister Was Dying

Sister was dying
you looked on in disbelief,
late afternoon.
you always mourned this way.
Drinking from your coffee cup
I drank that which gave you life,
and felt inside you,
my sister die.

And I knew
this moment would leave me,
as well would you
follow closely behind it-
departing from this cell of sorrow.

So closer I clung
the waning voice of the clock,
hugging his hours tightly with shallow prayers:
“Dear God allow me to remember, even these,
the hurtful years”

Then asked you
in simple terms
with a tongue only half grown
but a heart that was forged
by centuries of pain
“ is Christ yet alive?
and have we any proof that
still He lives? ”

But you replied, as all Mothers do:
“ mind yourself child, who are you to ask for proof? ”

“ Yes Mother, I apologize,
but still I wish to know
for I will bring petals to His tomb,
in significance of my heart that weeps,
the flower born of your womb,
for I know that part of you will depart
when and where He leaves '

by Amberlee Carter

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