OIC ( / Waynesboro, Virginia)


Two sisters, we - an unlikely pair -
I the tortoise, she the hare.
My pace is slow, while she moves fast,
When speed's the thing, I come in last!
I plant flowers, she plucks weeds;
I'm quick with smiles, she with deeds.

She greets each stranger on the spot;
A "people person" I am not.
Her words gush forth, mine tarry long;
She seeks for facts, I cherish song.
She reaches out toward each new goal,
I need those things that nourish soul.

I love to shop, her wants are few,
There are other things she'd rather do -
Like waxing floors and cleaning house;
Such tasks do not my heart espouse.
To other lands I long to go -
To such adventure she says, "NO!"

Two sisters, we - an unlikely pair -
Loving each other - secure in God's care.

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