Poem By Sugar Bear

Once upon a time we were closer than love
Stronger than rubber, thicker than blood
Your secrets where my secrets, your ears where my ears
We shared the same dreams, as we feared the same fears
But as you grew older, you had also grown apart
Creating a gap between the each of our hearts
Filling it with sex and these unimportant numerous guys
You once told me all truths, but now you fill me with lies
And these people ask questions, where I once held the answer
But now, not even I can find what I'm after
Like the brick wall we once created, now you just shut me out
Where once we had shared it, but now, I'm not close to allowed
The blood that flows through your veins, also flow through mine
But you're trusting your friends trust more than you can even trust mine
You're ditching me at parties to go sleep with these boys
Who you can't seem to realize are only playing you as a toy
And you're crying to your friends about how they take advantage of you
But how can they take what you allow them to do? !
You don't even speak to me, nor that allow me to listen
Avoiding my questions repeating how your life is your own decision
Your personal info, you say is your personal choice
But how can I hear you if you don't have a voice?
Now we're sisters dammit! I should come first!
Cause it's my fucking shoulder you cry on every time you get hurt!
But you never want to explain or tell me the reasons why
Complaining that I won't understand, when you don't even let me try
And you're screwing up tremendously, mom and dad don't know what to do
So they place ALL of your problem on me, and inspect me to improve
And I get tired of lying, and taking up for your side
But Hell I'm your little sister, I'm your back till you die!
I guess I'm just trying to say we need to come to a peace
Or something that will get you to once again talk to me
Cause I never doubted you, and I have ALWAYS kept you on mind
I've never even attempted to treat your different!
Why leave me behind?

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