LM (7/12/37 / Pawtucket, R. I.)

Sisters Forever

Sisters forever, I know this is true,
Always a strong bond between me and you,
From the beginning of your very first day,
When Mom gave birth to you on the thritieth of May,

No words could express the joy in my heart,
One glimpse of you brought love from the start,
The years between us, eleven exact
Mattered not to us, this was a fact,

Time marched on and adults we became,
With families to raise, our ideals were the same,
No wondering where our similar likes cam from,
Perhaps because blessed to share the same Dad and Mom,

Sharing everythinkg, whether in joy or through tear,
Our support for each other would always be near,

Our lives became sweeter when forgiven of our sins,
The day we decided to allow Jesus to come in,
'Ye must be born again, ' as the Bible does say,
The road leading to heaven through Him is the way,

Because you know Him, and I do too,
I know and trust His Word to be true,
Although you have left and gone on before,
To the Place that is promised, where tears are no more,

I know in my heart that again I will see,
You and other loved ones traveled on before me,
For this reason alone, not just sisters on earth,
But 'Sisters Forever, ' because of our new birth.

In Loving memory of Lucy LaScola Buttach, my sister.
I am Louise Myers LaScola. (Kingskid)

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