TP (10/05/1965 / Des Plaines)

Sisters Love

Someday -
The wind, Sun, Snow, and the Moon
Will cease;

Then darkness will fall;

Lullabies, no longer sung or heard;

The boy will walk
To the two twisted trees,
Deep in the forest of standing pines and oak;

He will kneel down and pray,
Asking for forgiveness from all,
Including forgiving himself;
From thing he has, and did not do;

Deep blue skies will shine,
Till the stars come out

Then -

He will lay by his Sisters feet,
While he looks into her loving face.
Weeping, till his eye's close
Asking for their LOVE;

I do Love you all.

T. Plotz
Sisters Love
21 DEC 2016

For Mary Tree and all my Loves

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