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Sit And Think...

Sit And Think...

Sometimes I just sit and think.
I think about life and death.
I think about how much evil is in the world.
I think about how much pain and sufferring is in the world.
I think about how much beauty is in the world.
I think of the human race, healing from pass wounds.
I think how fast time is flying by,
and if there is life on other planets.
I think about the path God has laid roughly before me,
hoping that one day I won't go astray.
I think about the limits I pass,
and the goals that are just a little out of my grasp.
I think I am close to understanding why I am here,
but at the same time I rapidly move far away from the answer.
Sometimes I just sit and think, hours rushing by.
At the end, questions stay unanswered
and I ask these questions through my poetry,
but sometimes the world can't answer them, only God,
and I will wait patiently for a sign.
But untill then, I will just sit and think.

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Got it in one! You really hit the Nile on the head with this one, Nefertiti! Hermes Trismegistus would have been proud of you. But perhaps you know that already from a previous birth?