The Others

Sometimes the impulse jumps in
And he ignores it
He is left perverted
Sometimes it is very different
And he is left with confused desires
He is calm
Yet the future is said unclear
The prices and values hold the ropes
The highest point of comfort is best left to be
Unyielding to the dimensions
Just stable beyond mystery
He has liquor to experience
If he dares
Papers pile to be passed
and collected if dropped

It is a matter of urgency
Because it makes things better
Still a feeling of movement
that holds the air of utterance
He cries for the poor and with one foot he walks their life
His reputation bouncing against the lever

His dreams changing but surviving
He lifts his arch and consolidates himself for life needs a winner

by Samir Actuated

Comments (2)

A poem is more enjoyable when the ideas are ground with wit and art to manipulate,and this is it..
Wow......such a moving poem. Great job. My second comment to you, all in the same hour! You have talent! !