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You are,
An arrow wrapped in shame.

The last song of a bird wounded in the forest fire.
A song composed with silence.
A seed slept,
in the cleaved soil.
And a cry enveloped
with the armour, stained in blood,
and a chariot lost it's wheel

And thus,
I draw,
I draw,
a circle around you with the tip of my arrow.

Sleep well,
like the seed in the wounded soil.
When the war comes,
hold your hands on the
I tied on your legs,
hold your hands on your pain,
Hold you closer.
Hold you closer

I take your tongue,
reciting the tales of thousand and one nights

I take your slim fingers,
hide the seeds of dreams.
I take your toes,
dance between the dreams and screams.
I take your eyes,
see the stars in the night.,
and the moon fades in the daylight.

I take your soul,
smells the soil wet in the rain.

I take you to the flames,
smile like my gold crown.

A cry fades slowly in the flames.....

I conquer,
The greens, the hills, the streams and the fire.

A cry fades slowly in the flames.....


by jose sarang

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