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Sitting And Thinking

Here I am sitting in the dark again
thinking about the past and what I've done.
The countless failures and the few success's,
the personal battles, lost, and won.

From my early days full of hope and ambition,
to the end of my career that disappeared with age.
My under achieving children and failed marriage.
There was no escaping from the relationship cage.

The kicks in the teeth and the stabs in the back,
the broken promises and their consequences.
The good turns I did that came back to bite me,
and the emotional blackmail that sickened me senseless.

My so-called friends who turned out to be parasites
that continually and emotionally drained me dry.
I now have no one to trust with whom I can talk.
No wonder I'm depressed enough to cry.

When I look back, I didn't want much from life;
a good wife and family, a home, and career.
Compromise and poor judgement has played its part,
and that's why I'm sitting, and thinking here.

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Beautiful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely brought forth from inner recesses of the heart with insight. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing Orlando.
Such a powerful piece. Pain, regret, disappointment, betrayal. All characteristics of living this complicated, difficult life, and a survey of history reveals that a life characterized by such terrain is more probably the norm than the exception. But you have taken all of that and shaped it into a beautiful piece of poetry that poignantly reverberates with the melancholy of our own existence. Through your writing we can feel connected in our disappointments, share in the deeper currents of this life, remove our masks and relate in our shared humanity. You have taken pain and made beauty out of it. Bravo! Is this not the heart of art? Are you not at the end of it all, an artist? Well done, my friend. :)
Bitter reality in everybody'life is reflected in this poem of Orlando, which he is honest enough to narrate to his readers. Bravo Mr. Belo, we have told the truth of living, ehich others conceal. The chicken-hearted Hypocrites, which most people are..
When I look back, I didn’t want much from life; a good wife and family, a home, and career. Compromise and poor judgement has played its part, and that’s why I'm sitting, and thinking here. the wisdom which we gain at an older age is always different from that of a younger age. you reached that great maturity of life...... thank you for all your thoughts which make u the readers think a lot of life. tony
gain or loss, happiness or sadness! what counts more is your fight! and indeed it was a great one! ! thanks for sharing...
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