Sitting Bull's Dream

Sitting Bull saw it in a dream
White men falling from the sky
And for a time
We believed
The prophecy was fulfilled
The soldiers came to kill us
Our women, our children
Our future, our dreams
Foolish men
They did not see
They join in the Ghost Dance
Together in sorrow
Our blood flows like two rivers into one
Brothers we are
Brothers we have always been
Oh Mother Earth
Forgive us.
There is a falling from the sky
The sacred hoop is broken
But different hands with different voice
Hear the ancient songs
And soon
All men will see
That truth and justice

(Honorable Mention in The Jeremiah Reeves Poetry Prize For Justice, Uprising, Issue #5, Apr 1999; also published in Healing Voices,2001 Anthology, Vol.3; Thanal Online, Jun 2006; Honor and Remembrance, Indelible Mark Publishing,2007)

by Laurence Overmire

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