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Sitting, Hearing Stories

Just as that boy long ago listening to stories
sometimes we have to look back at our memories
I remember it like it was yesterday to me
sitting, hearing stories on my grandfather's knee
so listen, even if your heart is on the mend
and keep your faith constant against the swirling winds

He would remember a tale of castles and dreams
and how everything we know is always what it seems
and then he would remember a tale with a moral
saying we are droplets, and life is the ocean

And how all of this is but a temporary notion
why we need our chances more than our reasons
how love should go whichever way the winds blow
that we miss the moment more than we'll ever know

And how the subtle design of life's interventions
reminds us all someone above is watching
why kindness should be repaid in kind
this moment right now is just yours and mine

I couldn't remember it all as he said it
years went by before I even understood it
but now I give a smile, I live in the moment
because we are droplets, and life is the ocean

Grandfathers tell us stories while the world spins
as things unfold their own way, just to begin again
No matter what always hang on to your dreams
there are lessons to be learned from everything
If you want to hear a moral, come and sit on my knee
it's my turn to tell the stories now, you see

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