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Sitting Here In Tears

I'm sitting here in tears
You think it's just a joke
But its not you that's hurting
It's not your heart that's broke

You treated me like a plaything
Thought I was a toy
I cant believe I feel this way
Over a stupid boy

Everybody warned me
But I was too blind to see
Didn't care what other people thought
Just thought that you might love me

But now it's all gone wrong
Coz your not here anymore
I cant believe you left me
Just walked out the door

But as I wipe away a tear
It's the last one I cry
I wont let my life be ruined
By a small pathetic guy

So when you see me smiling
Remember what you had
Remember you might need me
And sweetie that's too bad!

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Comments (2)

Wow..a sad poem with such a +ve end...Loved it! !
Fantasic poem - read great, happy ending and all - keep up the good work! !