(July 19 1983 / )

Sitting Here Wishing For You

Sitting here darling eating a sandwich
while I drink my beer but you know
it comes from a sober heart and soul
when I say I love you so much
and miss you so bad,
I would give anything to be with you now.
To hug and to kiss while we spent such beautiful time,
Kira I'm sitting here sending you kisses
and wishing you were here right by my side
to see smile while I held you and cuddles so hard.

Today is so special in that it is my mothers birthday
and to have you here so I could be with my two
favorite and important women would be so very special.
Kira you are so loved and so very welcome
I so wish you were here with your kids to make this day
as all others so super special.
I love you sweet lady and long to be with you,
I crave your touch and sweet looks my gorgeous Angel.
So I sit here just dreaming of my Kira
so truly beautiful and Amazing wishing I could
be holding you ever so tightly while we talk
and I so sweetly kiss you on your lips looking into your eyes.

So my sweet Kira please don't feel hurt, worried,
angry or for any reason abandoned because
I dream of you always and will never leave you,
I sit here now with my beer and my sandwich
and wish that we could be sharing all of
this time together,
you know it is a sober heart and soul
that say you are my diamond and I love you Queen Angel,
I long for you deeply and I miss you so badly.
Feel my arms around you as I reach out to hold you
and never forget your Michael is right there beside you
more in love with you than ever my sweet precious Kira.

by Michael P. McParland

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