End Racism

We all must bring our
Racism to end.
A message to all, I long to send.
The colors of the world,
All join as one.
For the Lord is our shepherd,
And we as his son.
Christ made all man in the
Likes of him.
So please let us all, "End Racism".

by Robert M Hensel

Comments (3)

World has become ‘Global Villa’ One can get gamut flavor texture of every thing in common place with a but… Must have the yearning to savor in watching …just spread one’s wing… Just ride on and feel the oneness with cosmopolitans Ma’am your fantastic eyes and sharing with us…like PC chair travelogue 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK
A nice poem about people watching, something I find myself doing from time to time. This poem is a clue as to what people may be thinking as they silently gaze around. There is a sense of connection to the human race and feelings of being a part of this vibrant world, as opposed to just being apart.
this is a beautiful poem about life my dear friend.. and the theme is in a shopping mall.. AMAZING - mel