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Sitting Under A Tree

The sun broke roughly through; flickering with the breeze
The woodpecker's busy till hunger was appeased
And leaves whose duty's done had floated gently down
Thinly covering all with a carpet of brown
A hawk flew by and all life momentary froze
A squirrel in fear in a tight hole unexposed
The pecker rudely disturbed wore a sullen frown
His anger displayed; feathers rustled on his crown

A snail quietly fed where there's a little shade
Well hidden from the sun where a creeper cascaded
A beetle quite confused emerged from the moist ground
Baffled by daylight scurried aimlessly around
The ants in structured columns going on a raid
A lizard camouflaged waited in ambuscade
Hidden in the tree bark cicadas could be found
Soon as night fell, the forest filled with humming sound

But the whining of chainsaws not too far away
Presaged the demise that gets closer by the day.

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Comments (4)

I was immersed in the nature and enjoying the images until you mentioned the chainsaws which was instantly sobering. Such a threat to our planet....10
Respect to nature! Nice work.
Great imagery and rhyming. I like the ending pointing out a problem for nature and possibly us as well. That's not Sarah Palin in the picture, is it? ...10
I remember camping out when I was younger. I would wake up to just the lovely scene you described. Since that time, millions of acres of forest have been greedily destroyed. That is a shame and a potential disaster.