CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Sitting With The Devil

Thier lies a bus stop in the middle of the projects.
One day a working man on his way to work.
Sit down as usual but today thier a stranger for conversation.
He say's working man have you progress from your stress.
Look what the lord has done your prayer are but senseless.
Let me tell you his a liar you have to take what you want.
See that bank thier will set you for life.
I know it's hard and it's unfair that you struggle like this
The working man replied I have a family,
And the stranger replied well that will take care of it.
Hour's later many people die and a family lose's thier father.

Later that day a beautiful lady approach the bench
The stranger stare and say's as beautiful as you are
you shuoldn't have to wait for the bus.
The lady smile.
Then a car appraches, a man ask her does she want to ride.
Thier you are the moment of truth the stranger encourges her.
In life thier are gifts given to you this is your opprotunity.
She sit and decide and then get up for the ride.
A month later she found rape and dead inside.

Before the day ends a woman walk to the bus stop
bible in hand.
The stranger make his pesent known.
What does that book do for you and was has it done.
She reply it's my shield when everybody else carry a gun.
The stranger grew angry you are poor and who to say he will
save you.
Iv'e been save from a sinner and my name might not be the first he
call but it want be the last.
The stranger reply you talk as if you are please with your situation.
I walk in faith knowing that my lord god has a plan for me one day.
Pray with me for your faith needs to be renewed but as she close her
eye's.The stranger dissappear out of the blue.

by Curtis Mosby

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