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Why is it I can’t get you out of my mind
Although this was designed to happen just one time
I can still feel your skin on mine
Some how our once turned into twice
Even though we knew it wasn’t right
We tried again for that third night
You have your gal and with all heart I adore my man
But I would give anything to have you between my thighs again
Those moments replay themselves over and again in my mind
Our intimacy was so deep with a chemistry so refined
Without a doubt I wish you could be mine
But I must bring up my man just one more time
If it was you before he
Then maybe these thoughts would not be
Yet the sheer thought of you makes me high
Makes me wish we were in another place and a different time
But we both know you could never be mine…
Because you gal would always be on your mind
And my man on mine

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Maya Angelou

Phenomenal Woman

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