Six Line Riddle: What Am I?

Poem By David Hall

Six line Riddle: What am I?
Are you to scared to try?
Put your mind to a test
Come on, just do your best
It's not hard as your think
Can you swim or just sink

I'll make it easy for you
I'll be giving you some clues
But if your scared, run away
You can try again another day
Hurry, this is your last chance
Don't quit; give it a glance

I’m in most any grocery store
But “Mars Bar” is a bore
People just love me at parties
I don’t like those arrogant “Smarties”
I‘ll make you lick your fingers
But I am certainly no “Butterfinger”

Kids think I’m such a joy
Not nutty like that “Almond Joy”
People love me between their lips
Not “Hershey; ” you won’t get “Kisses”
Actually I’m big; I’m not little
Hang it up: I’m not “Skittles”

I’ve been told that I‘m amazing
I’m better than that other “M Azing”
Hint: Cow; don’t be a dud
Fooled you; I’m not “Milk Duds”
Hint: I’ll pay a buck today
Wrong; I’m not a “Pay Day”

Hint: A deliciously good candy bar
Sorry, I’m not that “mr.Goodbar”
I do have so much competition
I make up the solar system
If you don’t know; go away
My name is obviously “Milky Way”

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