Six Pending Judgments

He has declared His Righteous Judgments to all mankind have Heaven,
God's complete and perfect plan shall be determined with only seven.

God's first Judgment was indeed for Him life's ultimate sacrifice,
While on the cross God had to turn from His One and Only Son Christ.

For Jesus Christ following His Father's will became His darkest day,
Although He had no sin He received the wrath that was aimed our way.

So if you hear His voice today, follow not your own selfish desire,
All who resist His Grace will be Judged, as God is a consuming fire.

Believer's works will go through His fire to burn up earthly dross,
The Believer himself will be saved but his rewards will suffer loss.

As we are being Judged there will be distress for God's Only Nation,
For Israel's unbelief they will be Judged in The Great Tribulation.

Most Israel will perish but one third will make it through His fire.
Then Israel will see the One they pierced and He'll be their desire.

He will then separate the sheep and goats as God Judges each nation,
He will bless the sheep on his right while the goats see Damnation.

And God will not forget all the angels that were deceived and fell,
For He has held them in gloomy dungeons pending Judgment into Hell.

His Final Judgment against all unbelieving souls will be the same,
They will be cast into outer darkness, to never again hear His Name.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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