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Six Point Six Billion
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Six Point Six Billion

Poem By Dee Daffodil

As of September 2007
there were
An estimated six point six billion people
On the face of the earth! !

How...in Heaven's name...
Do you pick?

Who should you be friends with?

Who to fall in love with?

Who to start a war with?

Who to save....? ?

How..in heaven's name...
Do you pick? ? ?

It baffles me..
And actually what I think
Is that I don't pick them....
They...pick me...

Well...at least one could hope...no? ?

(For all my dear friends in the world! !)

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Comments (8)

Very Splendid write Dee, lovely quip indeed. Be Well
no wonder I can never find a parking spot! - chuck
And how of all the (probably not quite 6.6 billion but a pretty few thousand) poets on this site does one choose how to read? Oh I got an idea... you go for those you know to be talented. That's why I'm reading you right now.... :) t xx
Dee, I remember thinking how silly it was - - - when I saw the ' Star Trek ' movie... # 1, ' V - GER ' had to exterminate because the third planet was ' infested ' by the carbon - based units! It is getting less silly all the time. B.V.A.
Six point six million Swaying in a meadow breeze See Dee Daffodil Like a vibrant spring morning A friend so bright and sunny… A thought provoking poem Dee…Hugs, Diane