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Sixteen Times

You are still his little girl,
even if your'e married twice,
If he's alive at 92,
- you are still his little girl!

You will never break away from that,
at your wedding - - - he just lied,
he went with the tradition,
he never really gave you to that man!

You are daddy's little girl,
you have been there since 'day one',
when your little eyes looked up at him,
- - - grabbed his heart,
- - - clutched his soul,
- - - you knew it, and you used it,
- - - and he loved every minute of it !

He has tried to let you go,
he knows you must grow up,
he tries to think progressively,
he pretends to help.

He doesn't really mean it though,
to him your'e always two years old,
... even if your'e married 16 times!

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I like the way you give this one emotional distance, by referring to Daddy in the third party...however...the emotional warmth in this, I think comes from one who is truly a Dad...and that is really sweet. I'm glad I read this one. Hugs, Dee
awww. this is was so touching and heartwarmin and filled with essense of sweet old man. love the title. very creative. happy new year! hearts gina