Sixty Bees Of Separation

Poem By Hans Ostrom

The man misheard me and believed
I'd said 'sixty bees of separation'
instead of 'six degrees...' and he
wanted to know 'what the hell'
I was talking about-what did I
mean by sixty bees of separation?

I went with a mondegreenish
improvisation and said that
according to a South American
legend, sixty bees once got
separated from a magical hive
in the Amazon Basin. Ever since
then, the bees have been
circling the globe, searching
in vain for their indigenous nest.

I said according to the myth,
if all sixty bees locate the hive
and end the separation,
the waters of the Amazon
will turn to honey. 'Oh, '
said the man, 'it's just some
legend, then.' 'Yes, ' I said.
'It is the Legend of the Sixty
Bees of Separation.'

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