Sonnet.1.My Guitar

Oh! Guitar, what music hides in thy heart
That awaits the touch of my soft fingers
As my digit ends move over you in quiet
What melody flows, how it my spirit triggers
Every chord in thee is fastened so tight
If one is loose, the notes run dissonant
With thy melody, thou sustain my heart light
Wonder what sprite hides in this instrument
As I listen to thy finely tuned sounds
How I am kept long suspended in time
To what heights then my wearied soul rebounds
Making my spirit afloat in celestial rhyme

Oh music, flood in me to drown my pain
Can any on Earth your healing power disdain

by Valsa George

Comments (12)

Wonderful narrative with a bit of analysis of human nature. Thanks.
A sad but amazing poem. It vividly conveys the predicament of being bullied. Always in constant fear. Very timely. We have so much cases about bullying.
A man who is paranoid with the feeling of permanently being stalked. Maybe is it Carroll's alter ego. Finally he ends the poem in rage by sinking the beach and because is he is stout therefore he calls his stalker out. His Jabberwocky is a wild piece. This one can be found in his Alice in Wonderful which is one of spaciest pieces ever written.
A little whisper at my ear Enquires the reason of my fear. A nice poem to read.
there is great rythom in every words I have read. Loved that indeed...
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