SF (15/4/90 / dampier)


u hit me
u hate me
u made me cry
u hurt me
im all alone now
nothin else to lose
nothin more to take
u burned and torchured me
ripped me to shreds
i cried out in apathy
while u bounded me to the wall
bloodied broken and bruised
black and blue
covered my body
skars of my tormented
opened up by your lies
ur lips stain my skin
so pale
like i em dead
at least i know
i walked the dark n took da skars
we're all puppets in this game
wanting no more than fame
our greed consumes us
leavin precious dreams in the dust! ! !
once full of life
turned to the knife
plastic and coke
neddin that toke
life of a celebrity compels us to want
to look sexy and flaunt
morality dissapears
as soon as that first check clears

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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