Sweet Dreams My Angel Queen

Goodnight and sweet dreams to you my Angel Queen,
I wish you were here or I was there so when we
climb into bed you'd be there to hold as we sleep.
Having you there to feel safe and warm each night
is the thing I truly long.
You are what's missing from my days, my nights, my whole life.
I wish you were here to hold as we go to bed.

Goodnight and the sweetest of dreams for my Angel Queen,
I'm sending you every last bit I have of my love and warmth,
also don't forget those kisses and hugs for you to wrap up in.
I'll be up for a very good while yet,
but don't forget I'm there with you in spirit holding you tight,
whispering everything is true within my heart,
you are the woman I'm going to spend eternity with,
it's alright my love so be at peace and feel deep calm.
I love you so dearly my sweet angel dove.

Goodnight and sweet dreams my precious Angel Queen,
always look to the stars to see and feel me.
Let my warmt envelop your heart.
I'll always protect you in every way,
and from your life I'll never part.
I love you babe and miss you so very much,
just hold my hand while I wrap you up and hold you in my arms.
I love you deeply and forevermore my Angel Queen.

by Michael P. McParland

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Amazing and intense, I love it!