Poem Hunter
AC (11-14-1988 / El Paso)


meet me somewhere out there, bring your poison oak.
we've been watched our entire lives, nothing's amazing anymore.
but don't get any...........well, big ideas,
they'll cease to exist in the before you act upon them.
just relax........just drive.
just hold on to what you think you want and leave the rest behind.
leave the photos in the drawer, my love...i promise we'll be fine,
'cause now you are the only one that is mine
an upside down bowl, a coined refuge,
the silence now makes the biggest noise.
ears pop, go cart-and-shop now where we sit,
leather trimmings, stiches needed,
padding overflowing, niagra-like..
but mint conditioned nonetheless, its a classic,
we're classic
you've got wires, going out of your skin
and its shining now...
i 'forgot' the map
but that's not what's missing.
as we left, awkwardness commenced,
the feeling of leaving something behind,
of underpreparing,
of forgetting,
but that's what this is all about now..
essentials were essentially left
and we're right to do so.
twin tractor beams continously dilate our pupils
at least somethings acting consistently..
radio's busted..
so i sing

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