Skies Are Turning Slowly

Poem By Karolin Maria Korus

The sun wasn t brave enough to look through a thick cloud blanket the whole day....
From time to time it started to rain....

I went for a walk just me in the rain nobody else has been that crazy to go outside.
It was silent.
I turned my head in the direction of the sky and was watching the rain trops while getting pourn out from it and finally landing in my warm face.
I don t know how long I stood there.

In our garden is a birch its leaves are hanging on long strics.... it looks a bit like hair....
Now the wind is wrapping it´s invesible hand aroud the tree and is shaking it angrily.....
or is the tree angrily shaking it´s hair itself and is bringing the air around it in screaming vibration? I am not brave enough to ask.

Little white pearls are drumming on my window and while listening so carefully the song, I imagine it to be greets send to me from special places, beloved person and new worlds.

It is dark outside. A little white round lamp is switched on in my room, my room that looks so warm and full of yellow light like a sensitive save bubble in this storm, maybe like a ship or an underwater boat.
Two different worlds are meeting each other on my window  I am curious what will happen when I open it.
Skies are turning slowly my friend.

Comments about Skies Are Turning Slowly

What a beautifully painted picture you have in this amazing write! Clearly, your poetic talent shown through! 10+++ Thank you for sharing! Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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