Skipping Stones

Poem By Tsani Jones

When I first tasted the sweet fruit
Of love's first kiss
We were skipping stones on the pond,
You and I.

You remember it, don't you?

When the ducklings
Folded their wings in confused terror
And we giggled,
Tasting the moment.

Time would not stand still
No matter if we wanted it to creep
Like my hands
Slowly down your back to your dress...

We made love on the beach
As if we were born from the earth,
The rocks beneath were smaller,
Stones we flung from the shore larger.

Each ripple from every
Splash of every stone
Is an 'I Love You'
That echoes through infinity.

And each wave of passion
A droplet on which
This love, our love,
Is borne aloft.

Now it is time to say goodbye.
No more tender nights of splishing
And the breathless waiting for the splash...
I have moved on.

Our play has only ceased for a moment
My dearest love...
Soon you shall join me here
By the seven great ponds.

And we shall find bigger rocks,
Give them names like
Everest, Denali, and Kilimanjaro,
And skip them like pebbles across oceans

That were simply too shallow to hold our love.

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