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Sky And Cloud

Sky and Cloud,
is like a kiss,
together, sometimes gentle or passionate.

Oh on the blue background sky,
Cloud, the life-quenching, floating oasis passes by,
fluffy white to miles dark and high,
to down and down
droplets for earth to soak in,
then rising back up to sky and cloud again.

Oh, beyond the marketplaces, crowds,
beyond the cities, valley towns,
far from demanding human wants and needs,
at the wellspring of imaginations, creeds.

Above where red-tailed hawk still flies,
or out where the flowing river winds, ...
Sky and Cloud,
is like a kiss,
together, sometimes loud or delicate.

Yes, Sky and Cloud,
yes, is like, a kiss, ...
What gives us Life, ...to feel, exist.

''It is clear that the material world
of tools and the creative mind is inevitable.
What is not clear is when One's heart and senses,
become lost within it.''

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