Sky High.

The world is a sea of uncertainty
People swimming in a direction they don’t want to be

The sky is a space of freedom with no bounds
Nothing to interrupt freedoms sweet sounds

The sea full of risks that no one will take
Even still the world is drowning in mistakes

The soft look of the clouds that no one can feel
still they have the power to conceal like a sheet of steel

Second after second the water gets lower
Minute after minute penetration through the water gets slower

But I’m in the sky with my wings spread wide
Up above watching my freedom grow as their world and mine divide

I watch them grow tired pushing their way through
Thankful that they're too far down to even have a clue

If my world were corrupted and the tide were to rise
The sweet sound of freedom would be interrupted by my own cries

But that’s not a worry in my mind
Those in the sea are too blind

Blinded by what their uncertain minds won’t let them think
Only allowing them to think that they can’t sink

The sky is my sanctuary and I hope to never leave
But because I don’t live in uncertainty doesn’t mean I cant bleed and grieve

by nina ...

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i absolutely love this =]