DM ( / San Diego)

Children Are Our Future

We often hope and pray
That our children find the right way

How they think
How they act
How they handle things in life

Like adults they have two paths to chose
The one for good the other for bad

All we can do
Is give them love
And support

All we can do
Is make sure they know
How much we care

How they chose their paths
Would be their own choice

How they behave
Would be their own choice

Should they try drugs?
We can only ever be there
To pick up the pieces

Should they get hurt?
We can only ever comfort them
When they are in need

As Whitney us to say

I believe the children
Are our Future
Teach them well and
Let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty
They posses inside
Let the children's laughter
Remind us how we use to be

Food for thought don't you think!

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I myself should say that you did a great job on starting and ending your poem. And to get to the point, I like the way you describe the color of different skies you see with your own eyes each day.
I love the last line, It's only in my mind. Disasters can befall anyone, but how we handle them is what matters; Yes, I agree; we need to be sky-minded, look at the broader picture. Thanks for sharing.
A very interesting poem with symbolic implications.. Thanks for sharing..
Black sky Green sky Orange sky Red sky Pink and yellow and mean sky.
Amazing expression of sentiments through the colours of sky. Great articulation. I quote: Pink and yellow and mean sky / Black sky / Green sky / Orange sky / Red sky / Pink and yellow and mean sky / Come on and roll in; it's only in my mind.
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