The Wall

One day, I think of the wall
Something not made
By rocks or of stones
But by the eyes of the kings
Gazing to his home
Settled in their kingdom
Between its neighbors
A wall that divides the earth
Even oceans apart
And utter the sounds of sword
To anyone's passing feet
Oh! Just to ponder much
Why nations loved this wall
And desired to set a new again
Even wanting for much more!
And rise up the other against
And set a battle to each
With their metal birds
Sailed through the skies
Came to destroy each others nest
Clouds unfolded by
Their wings of strife
And the sounds of the earth filled
With mournings
And the face of the ground
Soaked with tears
As the spears clothed with fire
Rained and devours the land's
Second breathing
Why do they need this wall?
Or even setting a new again
Saying, it is ours, it's ours
Or this is ours now!
Is God made the earth sliced?
Or befallen the sea to divide
Or caused the land and gave
It unto us in parts?
If else then,
Why did God made only
One planet to dwelt by us
And the livings?
We don't need this wall
For they say that it's for peace
But there are no peace!
God made the earth not to build a wall
For we are only one nation
And one body.Not to say that
'They're from the West,
Or their from North side,
Or from the Far East,
Get hence away from them! '
There are no peace in the wall
It should be vanished, hope it will be
For how it's good to see
Someday if the wall is setted free
And it's neighbors between
Within their hearts, love and peace
Like a mountain,
Becomes plain.

by Mark Adrian Adonay

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