A Herd Mentality

If one pulls
A sheep astray
The flock is sure
To move that way.

To fish in a troubled water
De-constructing history
Thwart we could
The old social fabric of unity
And create we shall
A generation
Suffering a crisis of identity!

'Ask me not why
They are better than
My peers and I
Also sensitize me not to deny,
What I see with my naked eye!
In attire, grooving, life style,
Cosmetic application and civilization
They galvanize youth's attention! '

Come up with a generation
We shall
That does not bat an eye
Our dictates to buy,
A generation that does barter
An age-old culture
With fads, for such a venture
Proves to it an adventure.

To achieve what we terribly sought
If we use somebody of note,
Fame that has got
Say an artist or a poet,
The mob will not
Fight-shy to drink a lot
From our poison pot
Without a grain of salt
'God doesn't exist '
Could be top on the list!
Alas, we could say 'Worship us! '
'Forget the Key And Lock theory!
Why should you worry? '
Or social and religious norms
We could rock
With 'A lock could lock a lock
even in a wedlock! '

by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos

Comments (3)

how anyone can ridicule another culture and look is beyond me...all is beautiful.., white skin tan skin black skin. Usually nit pickers have fat bellies and bad teeth...good poem Oscar
You understand the pain that Asian women have, the insecurity that they feel at being ridiculed in public at any time when least expected.
Very enlightening Oscar. Everyone should be required to take such a class. (Yes, I have) :) Great poem. Sincerely, Mary