Slanted Eyes Are Beautiful...Slanted Eyes Are Beautiful! ! !

Poem By Oscar Mireles

a Korean woman
had been sitting
in my cultural awareness class,
for an hour,
and couldn’t understand
how African-Americans
had so much trouble
getting along with whites.

She never had trouble until,
we started talking about stereotypes
that included Asians.

They are always sneaky looking,
shrewd businessmen,
have exotic women
can’t drive well,
but know karate
and they all have slanted eyes.

She almost cried,
before she stammered,
“Slanted eyes are beautiful! '
'Slanted eyes are beautiful! '

and for the first time
everyone in the room

Comments about Slanted Eyes Are Beautiful...Slanted Eyes Are Beautiful! ! !

how anyone can ridicule another culture and look is beyond me...all is beautiful.., white skin tan skin black skin. Usually nit pickers have fat bellies and bad teeth...good poem Oscar
You understand the pain that Asian women have, the insecurity that they feel at being ridiculed in public at any time when least expected.
Very enlightening Oscar. Everyone should be required to take such a class. (Yes, I have) :) Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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