Slap My Face

why did you slap my face?
did you enjoy it?
i stood there and let you do it
and time after time you did it

but why did i just take it?
right up untill that day
that you told me to leave
and thats when i started to heal

and in that time apart we learnt a lot about each other
so we decided to give it another go
thinking what we'd lost and what we'd gained
and your promise never to hurt me so

but soon your hand started to rise again
and lessons had taught me to see it early
so i thought two can play that game
and i prepared mine to make it's reply

but two wrongs dont make one right
and i never wanted to be like that
so this time i left this potntial unit
to be the man i used to be

by roy Griffiths

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Comments (2)

laura, why would it bother me to read this? It's poetry, and he needs some way of expressing himself. I had already read it actually, and I thought it was good!
this is realy good.. BUT perhaps you should remember that the girls DO have accounts on here and maybe talk to them first next time, i realise that you probably did, but just in case, you know, or mayb publish these ones under a pen name? BUT the poem is really good and if i dident know you, there would be nothing that i would critasise.. its only because the girls have accounts on here... i gave ya full marks: D