Poem By Dominique Grace Poe

O, Milord I shall be your faithful servant alone,
I shal be loyaly be yours and will I shall take you to your throne.
O, Milord I shield thee from the harm shall befall,
I will steal, I will kill, I will sacrifice my all.

May the light shall befall unto your vileful heart.
Use me as your comfort as do lustly young man feel,
Among the fresh woman buds in the garden, chose me as your coltish tool.
I shall give you my all, as I welcome thy sins.

Let the other houses merit your name.
Gave my thy shot that shall do thy sin.
Let me be the one who shall ceases the revolter's life,
I shall not let this wretched sins tainted your name

Comments about Slave

the life of a slave....... so emotionally moving thoughts u present that i am unable to comment on it. tony

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