Slave Hands

My father gave me these hands

and his fathers fathers father

dig with these hands

and, he preyed and sang with these hands

Negro's spirituals about our motherland

He used these hands to plant and seed

He worked these hands until they'd bleed

He'd use these hand to shield him from the heat

And threw up these hands with that whip came to speak

He scarred these hands so I wouldn't forget

proof of the price that he's paid for it

Martin Luther preached with these hands

wrote his speech with these hands

Malcolm taught with these hands

spread knowledge and taught with these hands

Rosa Park stead fast said 'unhand me young man'

'despite your demand'

'this seat here is mine till I resign it young man'

Brothers and Sisters we proclaim with these hands

clinched fist Black Power in these lands

Until our voices tremble Nigerian Sands

My father gave me these hands

the hands of slaves

by Daryl Hennix

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