Slave To Its Dictation

Bag of crisp fish and chips!
Some have said that about him..
But he is not there to be aware...
That he 'is' these titles given.
Nonchalantly he is with this gift,
And driven.

He refers to himself,
As a slave to its dictation!
This gift of writing in picturesque verse...
Isn't one he selects to thirst,
Or rehearse to reveal to readers.

His mind is attached to divine intervention.
A gift he cherishes he seldom mentions.
Or even doubts he really could.
To make what happens in his mind...
To come up with such profound 'lines',
And make himself to a novice understood!

A skill to bring one's mind at rest.
I guess that is what he does!
If he chose that to confess.
As if that is hoarded in a nest.

He is just blessed.
And that is all there is to his obsession.
He says he is a slave to its dictation!
And I say he is chained and balled...
Like in 'all' wonderful marriages,
That has one 'whipped'...
To a satisfaction that enthralls.
He is 'just a slave' he says!
To 'its' dictation.

And I say...
He is just 'whipped'!
And loving every bit of it!

Duncan Wyllie
Hilperton, United Kingdom

'I would say Duncan and I belong to a mutual admiration
society. His crafted compositions are magnificent.
Duncan and I have been submitting our 'work' here at
for at least three years. And, throughout those years, he and I have
expressed our feelings of each other's submissions, from time to time.
'Slave to Its Dictation' is inspired by Mr. Wyllie! '

I thank you, Duncan!
Best wishes...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A telling tribute for it says all that it needs to say about it's author, A wonderful poet who has the skill and bravery to reach across, when it would have been so easy to just let go! Your poems are of quality, and if others have read but not seen the wisdom contained then they are at a loss, for there is so much there-in Love and a bright path for your way Love duncan X