JD (23- 03- 1988 / Imo state, Nigeria)

Slaves Against Our Wish

We have a land that was truly ours,
We have a paradise home where we live to all boundaries,
We feel free with air, and the sky is always blue and not green,
Where the air is free of stinking worms,
Where the net of this greedy humans can’t reach and there traps are in Vail,
We pray for our land and for our brothers who lives on,
For we pray to only sing a light for an awaited death.
We lose our fathers to war and our sons to there arms,
To aliens we lost our pride,
To them we lost our culture and inheritance,
To them we lost our loved ones,
The thin air claimed the sight of our next kind,
But to faith we pray for freedom,
From the creator we pray for another light,
To the malice we wish for a breathe with our hearts,
To the mother earth we continue to pray for justice,
Is her ears locked? Are her eyes sick? Is she too careless to watch over her doing?
“We are abandoned to death”, is the title of our best song.
We hope no more, we pray no more, we wish no more, we seek and knock no more,
To our strength we depends,
The rules are now changed, “be your brothers eater”.
“Birth not in captivity”, and as the air is for the rich,
“stink the air with our waste”, let it stink for we are in captivity,
Until we are released “ WE WILL BE SLAVES AGAINST OUR WISH”.

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