Can anyone explain,
Why a full agreement has not been reached?
You have everything available.
Although many of you are now declaring,
You need more of something...
Not before thought of to sustain that level,
Of a peak to keep.
What would 'that' be?

We here on the committee,
Desire to hear.
We are 'all' ears!

'Sleep! '

What about it?

'You see...
None of us knew it,
To have gotten to know the importance of it.
To keep success achieved.
We need sleep.
That is all we now request.'

That is not part of the deal.
You promised to keep our needs fulfilled.
And frankly,
Few have expressed concern...
About your needing rest or getting sleep.
You promised to keep the taste of success delivered.
Do it!
Or you will certainly be accused of weakness.

'What about Thanksgiving? '

Thanks for giving.
Did you wish that expressed collectively?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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