Sleep, sleep,
Come my way.
Let me sleep,
So I can start a new day.

Sleep, sleep,
I take my pill.
My mind won't sleep,
Too active with chills.

Sleep, sleep,
Show me how.
What's that, sleep,
How now brown cow?

Sleep, sleep,
My brain is delirious.
Stop playing tricks, sleep,
You're making me furious.

by Leigh Ladd

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Comments (5)

Nice poem. I need more sleep
I totally agree with you about sleeping
I love my sleep, so lying awake is horrible. Good poem
haha that's totally how its like right? Especially for me I get up at 4: 20! ! Ugh well best wishes on you getting your beauty sleep tonight!
I think we all know the feeling. Great write, Leigh... I particularly liked the ending! Brian