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Poem By Elizabeth Stone

The sun falls into the sea,
another day has died.
Another night embraces me
again my hopes have lied.

In the darkness rests my heart,
forgetting the ones who are dear,
forgetting the one who has slipped apart
and also the one who is near.

But like the day, the night will die
and like a phoenix, the sun will rise.
Bringing with him another lie,
letting the hope crawl back to my eyes.

During the day, I have to be there
remembering and caring if all is well.
Only in my mind I can scream and swear
wishing that the sun would go to hell.

I’m aware of my bitter soul,
oh how I hate the recurrent light.
Only in my sleep I feel I’m whole,
always wishing for an eternal night.

But it won’t matter, if I implore
or how I beg and cry and weep,
the sun will rise forevermore
and disturb my blissful sleep.

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A poignant bit of introspection. Excellent.