Sleep All Day

All I do now is sleep all day
because I don't have you to share my life with.
What's the point when you don't
have the person in your life who's most important?
I just sleep all day to escape
the pain and pray to have a dream
of you and me kissing in each others arms.

The pain of missing you never stops,
in fact it keeps getting worse and worse.
Each day through my life my love grows for you,
each day my heart grows fonder for my only one,
the Angel of hope and light of my life.

I feel so sad and tired all the time
because I want you here right by my side
but you're not right now and that makes me cry,
so I very often sleep all day praying
that I'll see you in my dreams,
so I can tell you everything and share my days.
I love you Kira please come back to me
you are my everything and I care for you in every way.

by Michael P. McParland

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