Sleep At The Wheel

There are those who would like to keep,
Their lives free from contacting...
Elements of decadence.
To perceive themselves immuned.
And they can prevent aspects of them to reject.
Like deciding to accept,
Preferences for some Sunsets.
Even though one Sun rises and 'that' Sun we all get.

And there are others living upon this diversed Earth,
Believing they live to do it separately...
Freed from Earth's activities,
Somewhere high above and detached in the Universe.
With rules they wished followed and if not they will censor,
A reality of life that is real and tasted.
But if it isn't etiquette it would be deemed time wasted.

With a giving of permission to restrict those who live,
Sit those self appointed with minds limited.
To decide amongst themselves they've been chosen and divine.
Although sleep at the wheel they are most of the time.
Finding they have hit brick walls.
And using outdated and aged old explanations...
As to how they repeatedly create the presence of their downfalls.

Here we are again.
You and defeat have become familiar friends.
But tell me this,
Who are you to approve what others should or shouldn't do?
When lessons are taught for all to learn,
You seem to believe you can not learn them too.'

~But we are...~

'No different than the others.
You've been invited as an inhabitant.
Nothing more or nothing less.
But for whatever the reason...
You believe you are immuned and above passing tests.'

~But we 'follow' the scriptures.~

'Following to then live them...
Should leave you no time to also find,
You can do that AND be judgemental too.
Once again...
Who are you,
To approve what others should or shouldn't do?
Name 'one' living thing on this Earth you have created! '

And of all kinds.
Does that qualify? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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