Sleep In The Arms Of God

Poem By Dr. Antony Theodore

On the banks of Ganges
I sat in a serene and sombre mood
Looking at the playful water
as the wind like a great artist
Draws playful lines and circles
On the water.

The wind
Tickles the water
And it laughs although I can't hear.
When the water laughs
And jumps, it moves
In lines and circles
And then rushes swift to the shore.

I sit there at the shore
With my feet in the water
And watch the lines and circles
Reach and kiss my feet
In reverent love.

The wind is playful today
And comes to my lips
With a cold feathery touch
And caresses my hair and I feel alive.
It tells me about the sweet words
Uttered by lovers on the shore
Sharing their intimate feelings.

Tonight I shall dream
Of the symphony of the dancers
And as in a fairy tale
The lovers will come on this shore,
Kiss a thousand kisses
Tell love stories,
Smile and lie on the lap of each other.

I wish you, lovers of this shore
Bliss, serenity and peace.
Sleep here lovingly
The night through.
Let the glorious moon
Pour its mild heavenly light on you.

Sleep together lovingly in the arms of God.

Comments about Sleep In The Arms Of God

A sumptuous and meditative work with soothing imagery, if nature is the canvas of the divine power this poem epitomizes the physical beauty with equal power in words. You have captured a marvelous moment and have made it immortal in these words. Beautiful imagery, perfect.
The imagery is stellar as it is vibrant, and conveys the themes of the divines power of nature.
A sumptuous and beautiful poem that conveys the bounty of nature under the hand of the divine.
Great Imagery! The beauty of nature too well captured.
Beautiful poem. I love the description of the water and the wind at play.

4,9 out of 5
159 total ratings

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