(18 August 1920 – 21 October 2002 / Lumding, Assam / India)

Sleep My Angel The Night Is Lost

Sleep my angel the darkness rules
The star-awaited dawn is drowned in gloom
The miasma of death hangs over the world
The mehfils have dispersed
The desolate shadows've taken over
Life is still, have gone deaf
And the universe's passed out in distress.

The wells are awake with human rot
The neighbourhoods've slept off,
Lifeless, lonely, distraught
The fires've gone cold, the earth is faint
Still in the chests are blood and bayonets
The iron has slept off after a hard day's work.

Sleep, do not let your eyes taper off in tears
The star-awaited dawn would'nt be lost forever
Not forever would the men thirst for blood
Not forever would the blood trickle down the earth
Not forever would the night be lost.

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