Sleep My Dear - Sleep...

Warm breeze trying to wake her up, I realize...
she was lost, don't know how long,

Its funny where she was,
and no one ever bothered to search for her

I remember the dream she shared with me,

the passionate kiss she spoke about - which was
so wet once and today it is so dry,

the tender hug she told me about
today it is clutched by loneliness

the freedom of love and liberty of expression
today imprisoned in pain

A love poem she sang for me
and today it is like a broken song
pricking the fresh wounds

Don't wake up dear,
it is not good, you will again drown in the tears
of hypnotizing mists and Heart will ache

Were you able to Guess who she is.....

She is my dearest - 'My Feelings'
I am singing the Lullaby again; so that she sleeps and is Lost again....
Sleep My Dear - Sleep...

by Jwalitha Gnana

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