Sleep Well Sweet Kira

Goodnight dear Kira and sleep well.
I have another migraine and I feel sick,
my heart is in agony as well.
I wish you were here to lay down with me
and if you wanted to rub my face and head,
bring me ultimate comfort in that soothing
action as well as you being here.
I love you so much and through the night
my arms will be wrapped around you so very tight.

Sleep well sweet Kira this headache
is getting much worse,
say a prayer for me dear that it will go soon.
I'll see you tonight in the land of dreams
to hold you so close and reassure you I'm here.
Feel my hand so tightly in yours
and listen closely for my voice as I say.
Goodnight my sweet Kira I hold you so dear,
I truly want and need you here,
you are my Angel and the woman I so deeply love.
Kira my darling come snuggle with me and sleep well,
for eternity I want to be your only man.

by Michael P. McParland

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