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Sleeping Beauty
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Sleeping Beauty

You look like a sleeping beauty
In a crystal coffin in the forest
Unlike the fairy tale, my fervent
Kisses ain't gonna wake you up

Totally lost and stuck, and
The trail out of here is the farthest
You're neither dead, nor alive, yet
I keep watching you sleep non-stop

Wondering if you have the visions
Colorful or black and white
Did you forgive the witch who put
A spell on you until your prince'd come?

If this world seems too unreal, then
You will later harly tell wrong from right
You used to be tolerant, but no doubt
You're gonna get insane and dumb

Dunno if I should wake you up
From your sleep
Can I be sure that you won't summon
A dark evil shadow from underneath?

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Oh, I'm glad I read your poem... So beautiful.