ER (March 02,1989 / New Jersey)

Sleeping Beauty Sells Herself

Sleeping Beauty
Sells herself down
In the market street
Pretty laces and belts
To cover her thin hips
And amplify her breasts

But when she sleeps
She looks like a
Sleeping Beauty
Classical face and
Relaxed jaw, like
A princess should look

She’s beautiful
Not smart, though
That was her gift
And even a hundred
Years of sleep can get
A girl awfully hungry

So she pins up
Her petticoats to her
Garters and juts out her
Hips and Sleeping Beauty
Sells herself for pennies
In the streets

You look like a princess
Her men tell her
After they’ve had their fill
With your face docile and still
You look like Sleeping Beauty
Asleep among the roses

Maybe it hasn’t been
A hundred years yet
She suggests as she drifts
Back into sleep
Her lips pursued and
Awaiting that kiss

The moral of the
Fairy Tale is This:
Everything little girl
Is a Sleeping Beauty
Some just wake up
Before their time

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