Sleeping Insane

How can I sleep,
The night has just begun,
How can you weep,
For the night is still so young!

Sleeping insane,
Dreaming deranged,
My brain in chains,
My thoughts all disarranged,

Watching the clock,
holding the knife,
Waiting for the epoch,
the most memorable time of my life,

thats the taste of your lips,
I listen to your heartbeat,
I listen as your blood drips,

Can you feel my love,
Digging deep inside you?
Piercing like a knife,
permanent like a tattoo,

I'm not afraid of dying,
I'm just afraid of losing you,
I'm not one for lying,
I swear I'm being true,

Obsession takes over,
Insanity kicks in,
Why can't I stay sober,
When will love win? ~

by Jhanus Thanatos

Comments (1)

You might think that this poem would be complicated. But it doesn't have to be this complicated. There is much clarity to be had here, and to much more effect. This poem doesn't need many changes but it does need them desperately. I like the content here and that is my frustration. GW62